My Hair Journey

I Delaney, am now a blonde.

I never thought I would say those words. Not to be overdramatic or anything, but being someone who has always had darker hair, this is a big deal. Now granted, I have had my share of highlights when I was younger, but nothing this dramatic.

A quick little backstory on my hair, I have had it every color in the book. Starting off with BOX DYE (which I have come to learn is horrible for your hair) red-ish/auburn and continued to color my hair red for 2 years. I then colored it every shade of brown, went black for a little. I dabbled in blonde for one day, then went back to brown, then back to red, and have kept in brown for the last year. Having done all these colors, it was quite hard, especially with red, to get all this color out.

I think it is only right to mention that I work for SalonCentric, which if you don’t know is owned by L’Oreal. Being an employee, I get access to all professional hair/skin/makeup/nail products we have for sale. So one day, after debating on doing this for 6 months, I decided I was ready to be a blonde, keeping my dark roots of course. There was no turning back now, I had made up my mind.

I went to my work and my manager was there to explain everything I needed to do this whole process. I used Matrix LightMaster to bleach my hair. This process I had to do three times in total. After the second time bleaching it, I toned it using Kenra Rapid Toners in 10A and a little tiny bit of 9N. This caused me to be more blonde, but still really red and brassy. Since I toned my hair twice already in one day, I waited till the next day to give it another go. I again bleached my hair with Matrix LightMaster and toned using Kenra Rapid Toner in shade 9VP, which got my hair to the picture on the left. Now, believe it or not, I did get compliments on my hair. Since I had it done to the time I got it professionally done, I had not worn it parted down the middle which is definitely a good thing lol.

I myself did not even realize just how bad it was until the girl doing my hair, Sarah, had told me to tilt my head back when she took the picture. She then worked her magic and put some highlights in to blend everything together better. She used Wella lighteners to do the highlights, which is a really good quality bleach that doesn’t do a lot of damage to the hair. She then toned my hair with Redken Shades EQ in shade 9V.


The end result was worth all the pain. We’re going to try and go more blonde and get almost all of the gold out next time, but I think it’s fair to say that this is an improvement! It looks so much more natural and blended than it ever did before. I can not thank Sarah enough for how amazing she made me look and feel.

Here’s to blonde Delaney!


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  1. This is a great read! 💜 doing hair I see way to many people come in with box color problems ✨

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    1. yeah I did not realize how horrible it is for your hair and how much of a pain it is to get out!

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